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Saturday, June 4, 2016

20 Random Overwatch facts

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Hey, guys! Bchace here! I hope you’re having a wonderful weekend. If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably been obsessive over Blizzard’s new IP, Overwatch. The game has literally taken up most of my free time. I just always want to be online and on the battlefield!


            I had to drag myself away from my PlayStation just to click upload for this piece, and, it was a struggle. Crawling on the floor, flat on my stomach, wrenching my way to my computer. Then, there was Overwatch, calling my name, “Come back, Brian,” it said, “Come and lead the charge!”

            … I may be losing my sanity. All I’m seeing is loot boxes.

            But, anyway. I just wanted to share some facts that you may not have known about Blizzard’s team-based fantasy FPS. Hopefully, this will hold you over until I finish my review. Reviews have to be accurate and unbiased, you know? *COUGH! IGN! COUGH* I’m just kidding. You and I both know how that one goes. I hope you enjoy, as it took hours of research to find and confirm most of these! Have fun!


1.      Overwatch had first debuted at BlizzCon 2014, and has been Blizzard’s first original franchise in 17 years (Hearthstone or Heroes of the Storm does not count! They include characters from other Blizzard universes.)

2.      Overwatch is what remained of Blizzard’s MMO, Titan. The game was considered “No fun,” by the developers.

3.      The name, “Overwatch,” comes from the task-force Overwatch, which fights against the Omni-Crisis.

4.      The original reveal only showed 12 playable heroes, and the other 9 weren’t revealed until much later.

5.      Heroes have been, and will continue to be designed to allow players to quickly distinguish heroes apart, and know how to play and counter-play, with or against them.

6.      Blizzard wanted Overwatch to be 6v6 so, if one player was having an ‘off-game’, that the team wouldn’t suffer (Although, it seems that most players are almost always having ‘off-games’ XD)

7.      Overwatch’s heroes come in a wide variety of ages, with D.VA being 19, and Reinhardt at 61. (Maybe he should consider retiring?)

8.      On King’s Row, you may think that you’re just escorting a generic Payload. While in actuality, it was announced at Blizzcon 2014, that it is actually an EMP (Take a closer look when you play after reading this, you know you’re going to) sent to take out a group of Omnics taking refuge beneath the streets of London.

9.      Hanzo was originally an offensive character, but was moved onto the defense close to the games launch.

10.  Blizzard spent several hours a day playing Overwatch in the office, and even have thrown internal tournaments.

11.  McCree shares a name with a Blizzard employee, named Jesse McCree. Is it ironic that McCree’s first name is also Jesse?

12.  Within the Temple of Anubis map, you can find hidden Horde symbols within the hieroglyphics.

13.  Reinhardt, Torbjorn, Soldier 76, Reaper, and Anya (Pharah’s Mom) were part of the original strike team.

14.  Genji was killed by Hanzo, Mercy saved his life, and Zenyatta saved his soul. (This guy just doesn’t die, does he?)

15.  Lucio’s weapon, the Sonic Amplifier, is stolen tech from the same company that employs Symettra.

16.  Roadhog is named, ‘Chopper’ on French servers.

17.  D.VA is a professional Starcraft II player, and often references common Starcraft phrases such as G.G. (Good Game) and APM, (Actions per minute.)

18.  On the map Hollywood, the guard’s computer has Hearthstone booted up.

19.  Winston is named after his caretaker, Dr. Harold Winston, and is also where he got his glasses (Please, don’t step on them.)

20.  Reaper’s Ultimate, Death Blossom, defined as, to fire indiscriminately and in all directions.

Thank you all for reading, I hope you enjoyed! Check back next Saturday, and maybe I’ll have some more facts for you? We’ll see!

            As always, I appreciate you for coming on by to my page via Facebook or Blogger. You have no idea how hard I’m striving to have all of this take off. I love writing, and I love keeping you guys updated with news, reviews, and fun little short articles like this one. I hope you continue to support my hobby, and, above all else, keep gaming.

            Cheers, guys! Have a great weekend!


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